Where to Buy Insanity – Tips and an Insanity Scam Warning

Buy InsanityIf you’re looking for information on where to buy Insanity, read on. Beachbody’s Insanity workout program is one of the most intense exercise systems on the market, using vigorous routines to reshape participants’ bodies over two months. Using 10 DVD’s in conjunction with a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, and online support tools, it’s a complete system that doesn’t require costly equipment or gym memberships. Instead, the Insanity workout relies on plyometrics, cardio exercises, and the MAX Interval Training concept to get participants to a very high level of fitness rapidly.

The Insanity workout is so effective that it can burn as many as 1000 calories per hour, and its varied exercises ensure that participants get a balanced whole-body workout. While it’s a very difficult program, it starts off by demonstrating proper form and pace so that participants feel safe and comfortable with the journey ahead of them. The nutritional suggestions included with the program can help participants feel energetic and ready for their workout. If done correctly, it can be a safe and rewarding program.

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The key to the program is the MAX Interval Training method. It pushes participants to their max by using three-minute exercise intervals, separated by thirty second recovery periods. While this may sound brutal, it can be a great way to condition muscles and increase fitness in a relatively short time. In addition, Shaun T’s narration and demonstration of the workout, as seen on the DVDs, can really motivate participants to “dig deeper” and push themselves through the tough routines.

Shaun T’s attention to form and pace comes from his experience as both an aerobics instructor and as a professional dancer. He’s qualified to have designed such a program not only because of his professional work, but because of his education. He has a degree in Sports Science from Rowan University, and understands both the functions of fitness as well as the body’s limits. Workouts work best and are safer when done properly, so following Shaun T’s lead will aid participants in getting the most out of their routines.

Where Can You Buy Insanity?

The Insanity program can be found on the Beachbody website and you can always read our complete Insanity workout review if you have additional questions that need answering. Beachbody will upgrade your shipping to express delivery for free, allowing customers to get their product and start their workout sooner. Buying directly from the manufacturer also means that customers will be dealing with excellent customer service and product support.

When you buy Insanity directly from Beachbody, you’ll have a direct line to the workout’s designers, support, and guarantees. Beachbody is known for its incredible customer service, and are very willing to resolve any issues that a customer might have. Their track record, according to the Better Business Bureau, is extremely good, with almost all disputes being quickly and happily settled.

Some people might find the Insanity workout being sold through other channels online, such as eBay and Craigslist. Customers should be wary when buying from unknown or questionable sources since they might receive a bootlegged or otherwise poorly copied product. Worst of all, these products aren’t always covered by Beachbody’s customer support and money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, buying an illegal, pirated copy of the program is something that many unsuspecting customers have done.

Don’t fall victim to this Insanity scam. Buying a legitimate copy of the Insanity workout allows customers to return the program, no questions asked, within thirty days. This creates a sort of trial period where curious people might want to test out the Insanity program before fully committing to it; it’s not a bad idea, since it’s a tough workout and it might prove to be too much for some participants. Bootlegs won’t have this guarantee, and buyers who have trouble pushing through the MAX Interval Training won’t be able to return the product.

Should You Buy the Insanity Workout?

Shaun T’s well-designed program may be far from the easiest workout on the market, but for those who can “dig deeper”, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences they’ve had. Since it doesn’t need exercise equipment or a gym membership, it’s both affordable and convenient compared to many other methods. Buying a copy directly from Beachbody’s secure online store allows customers access to a great online community, top-notch customer support, and a guarantee that could come in handy if the customer can’t handle the workout. If you’re looking for an intense workout and great results, buy Insanity.

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