Insanity Workout Review – Honest Insanity Reviews and Results

Insanity Workout ReviewIn this Insanity workout review, we’ll cover the basics of what’s included, what expectations you should have going in, and what the potential pitfalls are to getting fit with this popular home fitness program.

The Insanity workout program from Beachbody is a very vigorous program that challenges participants to work their hardest to reach their goals. Combining plyometrics and cardio exercises with the MAX Interval Training concept, the program requires no special equipment, just a will to succeed and a lot of sweat. It comes on ten discs which are split into two groups, one group per month of the workout. Beachbody advertises that this program can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, so to deal with this high energy workout, a nutrition guide is included. In essence, the program works participants hard without the use of gym equipment, and is designed to achieve results after 60 days.

The key to the workout’s effectiveness is the MAX Interval Training system, which calls for several minutes of full-intensity exercise followed by thirty seconds of rest. This routine challenges the body, pushing it harder than in many other workouts. Again, proper nutrition is essential to this program due to the incredible energy it requires, and the included nutritional guide can keep participants eating right and getting enough calories to make the most of the program.

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Insanity Workout Review: The Benefits

The Insanity workout is intense and rewarding, asking its participants to “dig deeper” to get great results in two months. This is thirty days shorter than Beachbody’s P90X program, and has a different focus. Some participants have noticed that the Insanity Workout works the core muscles the hardest, but the program often results in a balanced whole-body workout. While this means that the glamor muscles might not receive the attention that some participants might seek, it means that overall, he or she will be more fit.

Shaun T, the video instructor for the Insanity Workout, is an experienced aerobics and dance educator, and participants may be inspired by his energy, expertise, and excitement. His focus on proper form can help participants from doing exercises wrong, preventing unnecessary injuries and maximizing the effectiveness of the workout.

Since the Insanity workout can be quite a challenge for many people, some may find that it’s just too difficult and won’t complete the program. It’s no shame to have tried this workout without success, since it is one of the most difficult on the market, and participants can rest easy knowing that they can return it for a refund after thirty days. That also means that people interested in the program can try it out and see if it’s right for them without being tied down to their purchase.

Insanity Reviews: Challenges and Hurdles

The largest hurdle for anyone trying the Insanity workout is the pace and difficulty of the program. Since it’s based around vigorous exercises done with short breaks between them, it keeps participants’ heart rates high and can result in excellent fitness. However, this level of workout isn’t for everyone, and some may struggle to keep up with Shaun T’s recommended tempo. Some participants find that increasing the length of breaks between exercise intervals can make the program just that little bit easier so that they don’t burn out. While it can be tempting to keep up with the models on the video, it’s important to ease up when things get too tough and work back up to the full pace when you’re ready.

People looking for a glamorous body with large pecs and bulging abs might find that the Insanity Workout is too much about fitness and doesn’t spend much time toning specific muscles. While there are other programs that focus on muscle building, the Insanity Workout is designed primarily for whole-body strength and endurance to match. This balanced approach might not appeal to everybody, but it does allow for extreme fitness and a lean, effective body.

Is the Insanity Workout Right For You?

The Insanity workout is a great 60-day program that can push people to their limits to forge a new and better body. It’s a very rewarding program, since it can be very difficult to “dig deeper” and keep up with Shaun T’s cardio and plyometric routines. Although many people buy Insanity, not everybody finishes the program, although some people might be surprised by just how far they can push themselves. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Insanity workout review, trying the program isn’t a big risk since there’s a thirty-day guarantee and we think that you’ll really enjoy the burn of the MAX Interval Training system.

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